Roots Cafe

About us

We are 4 partners sharing a common passion and the belief that healthy food can and should be delicious.

Each one of us brings their own experience and skills, contributing to create a sophisticated place to relax, work, meet friends and taste very special food.

We have carefully selected our food and drinks offerings because we believe less is more.

We apply this concept to our menu, to the design of our award-winning furniture and to the selection of products we make available in our space.

We want to redefine hospitality in Portugal along healthy and happy nutritional values.



Andrea is German and is a transformational nutrition coach. She walks her talk and is making sure all the food is not only tasty but healthy and accommodates most dietary requirements. She loves to research and create healthy versions of great recipes. She speaks German, English, French and a little Italian and Portuguese.



Catarina is Portuguese and an internationally recognized speech and language therapist. She works as a professional coach, mainly in the area of communication. She loves good, healthy food and a fresh, delicious juice. Catarina sees in food something more than just satisfying a physiological need, but more a way of uniting people, enabling them to communicate with one another and to bring wellbeing. Catarina speaks English, Portuguese and Spanish. She also runs our coffeeshop.



Danilo is the creative mind in our team, he is an established designer of award-winning furniture. His DAAO brand has been exhibited in international furniture and art fairs. You can see some of his pieces in our coffeeshop or check them out here. He happens to be a damn good cook too and speaks Portuguese and English.



Roberto is Italian, has a passion for good food and coffee. He loves to eat clean food and his hummus is his signature dish. Roberto speaks Italian, English, French and a little Spanish and Portuguese. He runs our operations. Politely refuse if he invites you to play cards!

Healthy food for a Wealthy mood!! If you din t recognize an ingredient, your body won t either! Never eat Ingredients you can t pronounce. Except quinoa. You should eat quinoa.

Simona Fantine - Staff

There is a special type of caring in serving good and nourishing food to the ones you love.

Clara - Staff