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Workshops on healthy nutrition and lifestyle

Let us know which wellness themes you are interested to learn about or if you would like to hold a wellness related workshop in our coffeeshop.

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Pizza Party! Tuesday 21/8

  • party starts at 6pm;
  • the price is €12 which includes 1 pizza (30cm diameter) of your choice;
  • all pizza’s are vegetarian;
  • the pizza’s are: margarita (handmade bio passata, buffalo mozzarela, olive oil, basil) / fungi (handmade bio passata, mushrooms, truffle oil, mozzarela, rocket salad) / parmigianna (handmade bio passata, grilled eggplant, mozzarela);
  • we will also provide extra basil, extra olive oil and spicy peppers;
  • all the pizza ingredients are freshly prepared and the pizza’s are made according to neapolitan tradition;
  • paper plates are provided by us.